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#SSDD Same Shit Different Day.
This song is about daily routine, how we're stuck in it and how we want to break out- but can it really be done??


I am rudenly awakened from sleep
By alarming sound I really hate
Just to get myself out of the bed
And shut it!

I look in a mirror, I hate what I see
So I add some adjustments
To hide all my flaws
My happy face is on.

I dress up in those uncomfortable clothes
Just to look right and to fit in more
I load my stomach with low fat, no sugar added foods
And add coffeine
Just to get me started..


I turn on TV and then radio
Just to hear bloody news and weather report
I’m well informed for the day.

Programme runs, my body follows
But I’m slowly dying inside
Everyday is on evil repeat

I walk to the work I hate
I take the same route everyday
I know how frequent all traffic lights are
I listen to Top40 radio station or stupid morning joke show
I hate all the crowd around me but I am one of them
I hate myself more
I cannot be someone I imagined to be
So I get along with less

I do the same shit everyday
I’m a biorobot for the system
I make my bosses richer
I fulfill their dreams by sacrificing mine
I think that’s life and all there is
System error hits my brain
Break the fucking cycle!

Same shit different day


released May 25, 2017


all rights reserved



Karmafree Latvia

Alternative bass and vocal duo from Latvia.

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